High Pole Accessories

High pole Striker Adapter for pilot cars

High Pole Striker Adapter

Allows for mounting fiberglass striker rods to be set at variable heights. Fits all High Poles by Wonder Pole®

Clamp Set for Wonder Pole

Security Clamp Set

Prevents slippage of high pole sections when escorting. Will not rust, and comes with key.

Receiver Mount For High Pole

Receiver Mount

Heavy duty steel receiver mount for all standard 2" receivers. The top of mount protects the high pole with special soft insert.

Striker Alert and striker rod

Striker Rod Replacements

A set of 5 fiberglass striker rods with 6" red marker for overload height. Don't be without a spare.

High Pole Height Stick Adapter

Measure Load Height

The Height Stick adapter uses your high pole to accurately measure the load. No extra pole required.

Deluxe Carry Bag

Deluxe Carry Bag

Stores your Wonder Pole® safely and securely. Easy open and close top has no zippers to snag or jam closed.