High Pole Accessories

High Pole Striker Mount

High Pole Striker Mount

Our Striker Rod mount fits securely onto your Wonder Pole allowing you to telescope your striker rods to accommodate for height and flexibility.

Fiberglass Striker Rod replacements

Striker Rod Replacements

A set of 6 fiberglass striker rods with 6" red marker for overload height. Don't be without a spare. Each Alert is marked for visibility, and a 6" over the load marker.

Flex alert set for high pole strike notification

Flex Alert Set

Adjustable, No tools, and marked in bright highway safety orange. Only takes a few seconds to place on top of the Wonder Pole Pro. Set of 5 - 42" long

Flex Master

Flex Master

Replace the top section of your High Pole Pro with the Flex Master. Now you can have increase flexibility when needed or retract it for more rigidity. Fits all Wonder Pole high poles.

High Pole Height Stick Adapter

Measure Load Height

The Height Stick adapter uses your high pole to accurately measure the load. No extra pole required.

Receiver Mount For High Pole

Receiver Mount

Heavy duty steel & high pole protector built in to riser. Our receiver mount is protected with a special padded insert that keeps the High Pole Pro secure and protected from metal contact.

2" Side Mount for Wonder Pole

Universal Steel Mount

Strong steel universal mount for all of 2" OD Wonder Poles. The top end is swedged with a soft protective liner to keep your Wonder Pole from contacting any metal.

Clamp Set for Wonder Pole

Security Clamp Set

Prevents slippage of high pole sections when escorting. Will not rust, and comes with key. High Pole Pro series allows you to keep the safety clamps on the pole when it is retracted. The stainless steel key sets the clamps with just on turn. How easy is that!

Deluxe Carry Bag

Deluxe Carry Bag

Stores your Wonder Pole® safely and securely. Easy open and close top has no zippers to snag or jam closed.