Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

We Make Wonder Pole® Products

Wonder Pole®, Jam Proof, Super Strong, A Thousand Uses, Made In The USA!

High Poles

Commercial pilot car high poles for the escort industry.

Telescoping Poles

Telescoping fiberglass designed for a thousand uses.


Road Waver

Revolutionize the way you show your American pride with our innovative Road Waver® kit.

Portable Pole Stand Pro

Pole Mount Solutions

Mounting solutions for your Wonder Pole®

Camera mounted on a Wonder Pole 621Pro

Camera Ready Poles

Elevated photography, simple, fast, and portable.

Revolving Flag Attachments


From carry bags, to flag attachments, and more.
Addons designed to fit every Wonder Pole®

Storm Tough® Flags

Long wearing, designed for continues flying
in harsher weather conditions,

How The Wonder Pole Is Made

Every high pole is constructed of FR rated fiberglass built for strength and durability. Fiberglass is a safer material for use in high poles because it is non-conductive.

For over 25 years the pilot car industry has relied on Wonder Pole® high poles to  safely transport high and over sized loads across the county. Because we manufacturer every part of this high pole you will always be able to get any part from our extensive inventory. We also include with every high pole order a Shock Cap for the bottom section of the height pole, a set of stainless steel security clamps, clamp key, and an extra Striker rod tip. Our new high pole striker tips do not require any special tools or assembly.

We start with longitudinal strands (high glass content) for strength, and durability. Veils are added and UV inhibitors. In addition Wonder Pole® extension poles have an FR rating (Self Extinguishing). Now comes the uniform Pultrusion reinforcement mat. We use a registered glass fiber reinforcement mat designed to provide uniform size and reinforcements along the entire pole. The mat materials we use incorporate high transverse structural properties into each pole.

High Pole for the pilot car industry

Non-Conductive fiberglass, strong sturdy construction.
Made in the USA!

Fiberglass Extension Pole
Strong & Dependable
Strong, dependable Wonder Poles
A Thousand Uses

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