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Our doors have been open for over 25 years

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Our company was founded on some basic principals. Make a quality product, be profitable, and be honest in our dealings. We started with the basic approach of make it simple, and make it work.

We believe that the customer is entitled to a basic guarantee. That the company you purchase your goods from should be honest! Yes, there are warranties, disclaimers, and limitations that may apply to a product but they must be reasonable and fair. "Small print" is for the eye exam.
Everyone has made some mistakes, we have in the past, but we will make every reasonable effort to correct them. If you have a question or need more information about one of our products, please contact us. As the customer you are essential to the continued stability of any company. we are grounded in the principal that there is really only one important guarantee; the company guarantee.

Wonder Pole at the Olympics trails

Three Web Sites To Serve You

Telescoping fiberglass Wonder Poles® for a thousand uses. WWW.WONDERPOLE.COM

The new safer Wind Tracker Windsock. Detect wind below 1 mile per hour! WWW.WINDSOCKUSA.COM

Flagship web site and e-commerce platform for flags, flagpoles, and advertising  pennants. WWW.ALLFLAGS.COM