Camera Ready Pole

Fiberglass, Safer then Metal Poles
Portable, Telescopic & Super Strong
59″ to 21′ In Seconds – In Stock – Made in the USA!

Telescoping camera pole


Image shows a camera mounted atop the pole using the adapter and mount that is supplied with every Camera Ready Wonder Pole.
A modified surveyors tripod can be used to support the telescopic camera pole. A 2″ PVC or ABS plastic sleeve in the center of the tripod accommodates the Camera Ready Wonder Pole. A male thread is glued onto the plastic sleeve and a metal ring is used to lock it in place. All of these materials can be purchase at any major hardware or home store.

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Telescopic Camera Pole 621Pro Made in the USA – Set Includes:

  • Special formulated “Storm Tough” fiberglass.
  • Camera Adapter and Camera Mount.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Carry Bag.
  • 4 Triton thumb screw clamps.
  • Vinyl end caps
  • Instructions
Wonder Pole construction.

Lightweight, Portable, Ready to Go!

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Published Price: $229.00 Sale Price: $189.00

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Camera pole guaranteeIf you are not happy with our Telescoping Camera Pole, you may return it for a refund.

Wonder Pole® structural fiberglass poles are corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals. Wonder Pole® will last indefinitely with little or no maintenance. The applications can be in environments where water (either salt water or fresh water) is present, or where corrosive chemical solutions and or vapors are present. Wonder Pole® products will endure a long life with very little maintenance.


Item# camerapole621

  • Color: White & Yellow available.
  • Retracted Size: 59″
  • Extended Size: 21′
  • Construction: Fiberglass composite ISO-9001:2000.
  • Sections: 6 sections, base section 2″ graduation .25″, top mast .75″.
  • Mechanism: Nesting sections, transitional collars hold and grip each section.
  • Specifications: Meets or exceeds ASTM standards, HL/UV, E84 fire retardant.
  • Manufacturer: American Flag & Banner Company, Inc.
  • Production: United States
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Weight: 9 pounds 12 ounces.
  • Shipping: UPS Standard
Fiberglass sections listed with OD's.

Ships same day or next business day.
Published Price: $229.00 Sale Price: $189.00

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The Camera pole offers you great elevated photography – Raise it from 59″ to 21′ in seconds, super strong, maintenance free, fiberglass, and non-conductive. It weighs under 10 pounds, and made by us in the USA!

Did you know that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our Wonder Pole products, and that includes the accessories! Before you buy an inexpensive adapter or a put-together-pole give us a call.

Why use a painter’s pole to get the shot you have always wanted. Buy a good stout pole that is super strong, raises to variable heights, easy to use, and has the portability to fit most any picture taking situations. The camera pole has it’s own carry bag and fits neatly into your car or truck. Save hundreds of dollars over other camera masts when you can buy the Camera Ready™ pole.

We top it off with a 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Camera Ready™ pole, just send it back for a refund. That is how confident we are about our products.

A realtors dream, great for sports, outdoor functions, and other memorable events. Use indoors too. Just raise the Wonder Pole®, and take the shot. The special adapter and camera ready mount are included with every Camera Ready™ pole.


Telescoping Camera Ready fiberglass pole by Wonder Pole.

How it works:

Easy to use telescoping action is jam free. Just a twist of the wrist and the selected section is raised to the desired height. Raise as many sections as you like or only a few. They raise and lower independently of each other and each section can be set at it’s own height.

Twist the handle clockwise to tighten into position and your set to go. The sections of the Wonder Pole® are nested inside of each other and a transitional handle and internal finger grips allow you to extend any or all of the sections to the exact height you want for the shot. A simple twist of the top part of the transitional handle and the pole stays in position.

You can hand hold the pole as it weights only 9 pounds 4 ounces but we also make receiver hitches for cars and trucks, wheel stands for the same, and a base for hands free photography. This pole will not jam open or shut. It will not rust or chip, and requires no maintenance. Because we are the manufacturer we support the pole with parts and accessories made by us. Every part, and every accessory is made right here in the USA!

After inspection it is tucked into the heavy duty nylon carry bag and ready for you to use the minute you open the box. Just remove the security pin, put the adapter and camera mount on the pole, pin secure and you are ready to start taking pictures from a new perspective.

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