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Strong fibeglass mae in the USA!We manufacture the telescoping fiberglass Wonder Pole® 621Pro and many other sizes and styles. Wonder Pole® is the preferred choice for telescoping fiberglass poles and the strongest pole made.

We offer a range of heights up to 40′ and retracted sizes down to 59″ We also release new products on a regular basis. Because we manufacture the Wonder Pole® we support our product in research, development, and customer service. .

Made in the USA, meets or exceeds fiberglass national standards, includes special level Ultra Violet protection, and fire retardant. No other pole even comes close.

Also, because you can buy directly from us the price is not matched by any reseller.

The Wonder Pole® is fully guaranteed and supported by us. We have been making quality fiberglass poles for over 20 years.

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Testimonial for Wonder Pole

The Wonder Pole is circumferentially wrapped for superior strength and to Wonder Pole structural drawing eliminate cracking. Ordinary fiberglass poles can develop cracks that continue to split upward until the entire pole fails. Just like a crack in the windshield keeps enlarging until it is through the entire glass.

The Wonder Pole is a composite material. We use a minimum fiberglass content of 70% which is then circular wound with additional fiberglass strands, using a trade secret method that adds tremendous strength, (excess of 75,000 psi) and prevents linear splitting commonly associated with other fiberglass poles. UV inhibitors are added to prevent degradation of the pole when exposed to the elements.

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