Pilot Car High Pole

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High Pole for pilot car services Wonder Pole construction. Safety Yellow
Pilot Car High Pole
High Pole 621Pro Yellow or White

Save $100.00

The High Pole 621Pro comes with extra Sure Grips, patented Striker and rods, heavy duty carry bag, Triton security clamps and made in the USA by Us! Storm Tough fiberglass construction.

Fiberglass high pole meets or exceeds DOT requirements for non-conductive, and super strong construction, frangible.
Camera pole guarantee

High Pole 621Pro™ – Super Strong Construction.

Made In The USA! This escort vehicle pole is the strongest, finest telescoping fiberglass pole made. We include all of the following at no extra cost, unlike other ordinary poles that charge extra.

Complete High Pole set includes:

  • Telescoping Wonder Pole® 59″ to 24′.
  • Patent pending new Striker.
  • Extra Striker rod replacement.
  • 4 stainless steel Triton security bands.
  • Extra #1 Sure Grip handle included.
  • Extra #2 Sure Grip handle included.
  • Heavy duty nylon carry bag.

Fiberglass sections listed with OD's.

Compare the High Pole 621Pro by Wonder Pole® and see why we are the best!
Features High Pole 621Pro Competition Description
Retracted Size 59″ 65″-70″ Closed length of high pole.
Extended Size 24′ question-mark-25 Fully opened without pay for extensions.
Guarantee check-green-25 x-25 Posted on site or in writing.
Ergonomically design check-green-25 x-25 No projections to snag objects.
Storage check-green-25 x-25 Carry case or storage device.
Production Standards check-green-25 question-mark-25 ISO / ISO-9001:2000 certified.
Open & close mechanism check-green-25 check-green-25 Method used to open and secure.
Flammability check-green-25 x-25 Self Extinguishing
Made In The USA check-green-25 x-25 Country or origin.
Assembled In The USA check-green-25 question-mark-25 Country where assembled.
Replacement parts check-green-25 x-25 Replacement parts included.


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Construction of Wonder Pole.The high poles made by Wonder Pole® are constructed using a closely guarded method of fiberglass and materials specific to the Wonder Pole.® for superior strength, and to eliminate cracking. Ordinary fiberglass high poles can develop cracks that continue to split upward until the entire pole fails. Just like a crack in the windshield keeps enlarging until it is through the entire glass.

We use high strength fiberglass roving, wind the tube using a special process adding additional fiberglass strands. Using or exclusive method it adds tremendous strength, (excess of 75,000 psi) and prevents linear splitting commonly associated with other fiberglass poles. UV inhibitors are added to prevent degradation of the high pole when exposed to the elements.

Wonder Pole® fiberglass flagpoles are the only fiberglass pole to our knowledge that has a fire retardant value of “self extinguishing”.

Each section of the high pole is wrapped with two layers of the highest quality veil which prevents fiber bloom (slivers in your hand), and preserves the integrity of the outer and inner surface of the Wonder Pole®. The pole has nesting sections that fit inside of each other, and draw out to any desired height. Each section has our exclusive “stop markers” to prevent extending the pole too far. The sections are secured into place by turning the Sure Lock Grips™ that are factory molded onto the pole.
We do not use glue or rivets, which come loose, to keep the handles or fittings on the pole. The Wonder Pole® is non conductive, and does not have any of the electrical hazards commonly associated with metal poles. You can replace any part of the pole or add to the Wonder Pole® at any time. Add to this the low weight, superior strength, available accessories, styles, models, and colors available, and you have the best telescopic pole in the world today.

Every High Pole for escort vehicle work is constructed with care and fitted at our company location. the transitional collars for the high pole are constructed of a special blend of mailable heavy duty commercial grade plastic that is pressured fitted to the fiberglass high poles.

Save $100.00

The High Pole 621Pro comes with extra Sure Grips, patented Striker and rods, Triton security clamps and made in the USA by Us! Storm Tough fiberglass construction.

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