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High Pole Truck Master™

Pilot Car High Pole – $129.00


Raises to 17 feet at ground level, and closes to 59″.
Weighs only 5.5 pounds – 1.5″ butt diameter.

  • Telescopes to 17′.
  • Striker™ & Striker rod.
  • Four Triton security clamps.
  • Made in the USA, by Us!
  • Two great colors to choose from.

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High Pole Pro

High Pole 621Pro™ – $189.00


Raises to 22′ at ground level, and closes to 59″.
Weighs 10 pounds – 2″ butt diameter.

  • Telescopes to 22′.
  • Striker & Striker Rods.
  • Four Triton security clamps.
  • Made in the USA, by US.
  • Two great colors to choose from.

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Wonder pole

Posted by Ronnie Holt of On Time Pilotcar on 30th Jan 2015

I own a Wonder Pole that is approx 4 yrs old bought this as a backup. Love my high Pole ease of operation and durabilty.would not trust anything else .I have seen them on the road and would not trade . Thanks for a great dependable High Pole .

On Time Pilot Car

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Full Line Of High Pole Accessories

How to Mount High Pole The High Pole 621Pro comes with all of the high pole accessories. Vehicle mounts are specific to each model of car or truck. Many fab shops can provide or make a mount or receiver to fit your vehicle.

We sell a hitch that is custom made for the High Pole 621Pro. A  standard 2″ receiver is available from most any local truck or auto body shop in your area. The receiver is mounted to the from of your car or truck. Our outside diameter at the bottom of the pole is 2″. If you fabricate your own mount be sure to not have any metal parts in contact with the fiberglass tubes that may cause wear or damage. Here is a link to the hitch we sell.