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Height Stick Pro For High Poles And Pilot Cars

Why pay $150.00 or more, lug around another pole, and then have to worry where to store it?

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Get our new High Pole Height Stick. A simple fast and easy accessory for your pilot car pole.  Just slip it over and onto the top mast of your Wonder Pole® high pole, swing over and lock the contact tube, . Raise the pole and rest the contact tube on the highest part of the load. Remove the pole from the mount and lower for a quick tape measure.
You now have the height of the load and can add 6″ inches for clearance. Using a conventional height stick you will need to first get a measurement and then transfer that to the pole. With the High Pole Height Stick you only need to do it once.
You can also attach an any standard tape measure and raise it up to the highest point of the load. This will give you an accurate measurement from the top of the load to grade. Now just subtract the height of your mount from grade and your good to go.
  • Example: Your tape shows the load height at 13 1/2′.
  • Add at least 6″ for clearance.
  • Measure the bottom of your pole mount from grade, Example (18″)
  • Subtract 18″ from the 13 1/2′ to obtain final pole height in the mount
  • Lower pole, remove Height Stick Adapter and set the high pole at 12′

Our new high pole height stick adapter fits every Wonder Pole high pole model, Did we say that you can store it inside a your car or truck.

Fits atop your high pole
46″ flip over arm
Fits inside tool box or trunk
No need to buy an additional pole

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Dimensions 44 × 4 × 3 in


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