Sure Grip transnational handle on a Wonder Pole to illustrate extension and retraction.The Sure Grip™ transitional handles open and close with a counter clockwise turn to extend the pole sections, and you secure the sections by turning the top part in a clockwise motion. Be sure no to over-tighten the grips.

Sure Grip collars keep the extension pole open.Yes, you can purchase a set of one size Sure Grips or a set with all five sizes.

Guarantee that every Wonder Pole will perform as advertised.Yes. We guarantee that every Wonder Pole® will perform as advertised. Above this we consider every inquiry and have always stood firmly behind our product.

Yes, we have replacement sections for every model of our Wonder Pole®.

25 years of service and we still have Wonder Poles in use for 20 years.We have been making and selling the Wonder Pole® fiberglass pole for over 25 years.

Customers have reported over 20 years of use, and 10 to 15 years is a regular occurrence.

Wonder Poles ship UPSAll of our telescoping Wonder Poles will  ship UPS/ FedEx, and for larger orders contact us for a freight quote.

Illustration of how the Wonder Pole is made using fiberglass materials.The Wonder Pole® extension pole sections are made of fiberglass, and the Sure Grip™ transitional collars are made a high density plastic for long life. There are no metal parts used on our Wonder Poles®.